Ol' Wilmington

After doing the last song, I learned that the best method for me is to write the lyrics at the exact same time as the music. Immediately. The same day. I prefer a good loose 40 minute writing session. Followed by sandwich eating. Followed by about an hour of nit-picking guitar licks, rhythms, structure, and finishing up lyrics with rhymezone.com .

I almost scrapped this song for getting way too adult contemp. But there was this moment where I sing the line "get to heaven from 95", where at the same moment the BQE joins in from outside my window with a swarm of motorcycles. possibly an airplane, either way, the cosmos has made its contribution.



Pat said...

Alright, Soundgarden.

Pat said...

Or maybe should I say Violent Femmes? Either way, I still need to talk to you about possible future project with collaboration. And when are you touring again? Maybe we can make it work in WRJ this time.


i know i know. The opening wannabe bass playing is too close to comfort to blister in the sun. It wouldnt be the first time I ripped off Gordon Gano's rhythm guitar and singing style either. When I really think about it, all the music I play now just sounds like stuff I listened to when I was 13.

Bgosh wants to do more touring anyway. I'll talk to them boys again about Vermont. AND im ready to collaborate when you are, you turkey.