Ol' Wilmington

After doing the last song, I learned that the best method for me is to write the lyrics at the exact same time as the music. Immediately. The same day. I prefer a good loose 40 minute writing session. Followed by sandwich eating. Followed by about an hour of nit-picking guitar licks, rhythms, structure, and finishing up lyrics with rhymezone.com .

I almost scrapped this song for getting way too adult contemp. But there was this moment where I sing the line "get to heaven from 95", where at the same moment the BQE joins in from outside my window with a swarm of motorcycles. possibly an airplane, either way, the cosmos has made its contribution.



Will You Consider My Love

I can't wait to post some songs that arent just lil ol me making demos for all the lil ol yous out there. But I swear the songs I've been recording on my last few trips to Delaware are coming out real purty. Bgosh has even gone electric the last couple of practices. The kind of stuff that would make Pete Seeger pick up an axe to cut off the power @ Newport Folk.